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Tips for Choosing A Pet Boarding Facility

Dog or cat Boarding Made Easy
Dog or cat Boarding 9-20 BlogLeaving your pet at a doggie day attention/boarding center can be difficult, particularly if you haven’t left your dog before. However when you find the right pet in a single day boarding facility, you can feel assured and happy that your pet is within good hands. If you want to like a guilt-free getaway or business trip, ensure that you choose the best over night care where your dog can be comfortable and happy. Uncertain what to look for? Take a look below at several beneficial tips to support you in finding the right dog or cat boarding for your pet.

Healthy Hound Playground is Northern Virginia’s Premier Dog Day Care, Boarding Kennel & Grooming Salon & Spa dedicated to providing your four-legged family member with an exceptional, safe and fun home away from home with regular outdoor potty breaks.

Located directly on the border of Herndon VA and Sterling VA off of Route 28 and the Dulles Toll Road, Healthy Hound Playground is central to Reston Town Center, Ashburn and Dulles Airport. The facility is also a short 10-minute drive from the Chantilly – Centreville VA area.

1. Travel The Facility
Whether it’s your first-time taking your pet to a dog or cat care facility or not, it’s always smart to tour it and have the personnel questions. If you know you will be traveling through the holidays, be sure you plan a time to look at it beforehand. A straight better idea is to test run the center by having your dog stay at the doggie day look after a few days to observe how they do.

2. FIGURE OUT The Daily Routine
Will the boarding facility have playtime where your pet can socialize and get exercise? Talk with the staff in what your pet will be doing during the day and that means you can determine whether it’s a right fit.

3. What Amenities Do THEY PROVIDE?
Some canines may have a problem adjusting to a fresh environment. So if your pet is susceptible to anxiety, you will need to make certain that the dog-boarding service has enough room for your pet to roam around and be rid of extra energy to lessen anxiety. Also check if they provide special snacks and more.

4. Is It A WHOLESOME Environment?
When you head to the facility look around to see if it’s a clean environment. That is good for your dog’s health. Also, most doggie day cares and over night stay facilities require all pet dogs to have kept up to date vaccines to safeguard the fitness of the other canines. Another great option will be a pet grooming service, especially right before you pick up your pet, in order that they will be fresh and clean when you reunite home.

5. WHAT EXACTLY ARE The Staff Time?
If your dog is staying over night, it is helpful to learn if there will be a staff member who continues to be 24 hours a day. Your dog shouldn’t be left alone, so understanding that there is certainly 24-hour staff is a relief.

Dog or cat Boarding Preparation
Before bringing your pet to the over night pet boarding, make sure that they’re well-socialized and is aware basic commands. As your dog will be using other dogs, it’s important they are social. However, if indeed they do not play well with others, there may be special treatment they can get, like a one-on-one trainer using them a few times each day without other dogs around.

More great things about pet boarding:
Your dog will get more attention than if he was together at home
Trained staff will monitor your dog
Eliminates the stress of traveling
Your dog will be welcomed (unlike many hotels or restaurants)
Your pet will be secure within an environment where he can’t try to escape
We hope these pointers support you in finding the right family pet boarding service for your pet. As always, we will gladly answer any questions you may have about doggie day treatment and overnight remains.